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DiDi is a new a new mobile taking in South Africa, competition with the likes Uber and Bolt respectively.

Many Uber and Bolt drivers are now getting into and registering with DiDi, some of them do both at the same time, which is great.

DiDi Driver Registration

DiDi driver registration is also one of the easiest processes, although there are many factors that you should consider and have in place before you start making you way to the registration process.

Before you register as a driver for DiDi below are most important DiDi requirements to have before starting.

Requirements For Vehicles

Vehicles must meet the standards of the state government and be in excellent shape, free of damage and markings.

The vehicle must be able to:

  • be no older than eight years
  • a minimum of four doors
  • A minimum of four persons can be accommodated.
  • A maximum of 6 persons can be accommodated.
  • Don’t be an ex-taxi driver.
  • In the last 12 months, you’ve passed a car inspection.

DiDi Driver Document Requirements

Profile picture – you must upload a clean photograph of yourself.

Riders will be able to verify you by looking at the photo you upload as your profile image.

Car insurance – you must provide evidence that your car is properly insured.

You must be identified as an insured driver on your vehicle’s current third-party damage or comprehensive insurance policy.

SA driver’s licence – a copy of your current driver’s license will be required.

For a minimum of 6 months in South Africa, you must have held a full, unrestricted driver’s license.

Proof of ID – you will need to provide a supply valid proof of ID, such as a valid smart card ID or South African green bar coded ID.

Car inspection – Your car must be inspected annually at an approved inspection station, and you must provide verification of the inspection results.

There are two places in Adelaide that are available.

For further information on vehicle inspections or to schedule an inspection, please contact us.

To become the driver and do DiDi driver registration, please click here.

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