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Shoprite money market– send money in South Africa instantly to anyone without a bank account using Shoprite money market.

Simply walk into anyone of their stores with Shoprite money transfer service with your valid RSA ID to send money.

PaidNow takes time in this article to discuss some of the raising eyebrow concerns like how to do money transfers with Shoprite.

Who is this Shoprite send money service for and how can one send money in South Africa using money transfer.

Because of this following reason, this is the best money transfer service

Whether you have a bank account or not, anyone can send money anywhere in South Africa to anyone with a valid cell phone number.

Shoprite Money Market in May 2022

Shoprite money market is one of the best and most low priced service to send money in this country.

Instantly send money quickly and have funds available to the recipient immediately.

No bank account is required to do money transfers with their services.

Anyone can send money in South Africa without any special knowledge and help from anyone compared to when using a  bank.

Send Money with Money Market

Finance Panda teaches customer in this article how to send money with money market services.

To send money to family and friends using this money transfer service, here is how you do it

Get to any of the money market counters at one of any Shoprite stores.

Every Shoprite store has a special dedicated money market counter special dedicated to this service.

A valid SA Smart Card is required for customers to utilize this Shoprite money transfer service.

To use this service, it will cost a customer an additional service fee of R10.00 on top of the initial amount you want to transfer.

To receive a money transfer number, enter a secrete Shoprite 4 digit pin.

One you have received the money transfer number, the funds are instantly available to the recipient for withdrawal.

Please do not share the pin and money transfer number with anyone else except for the recipient.

Commonly asked question; where can I withdraw Shoprite money transfer sent to money market.

A recipient can also withdraw the Shoprite money market funds from any of the Shoprite stores nationwide.

Besides, here is how to withdraw the funds

Customers can simply visit any of the money market till counters with their Smart Card Id

Provide the cashier with the money transfer number and enter the 4 digit money market pin share with you.

Customer will be given the funds immediately on successful withdrawal.

Shoprite Contact Details

To get most updated information on this Shoprite money transfer service, kindly visit

For any Shoprite Contact Details, customers may also find Shoprite contact number on this website.

Shoprite offers the same service as Checkers money market, simply use one of this stores to do money transfers in South Africa.

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