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Bayport Loans – find simple and quick to apply for loans up to R200K with a reputable lender.

Recommended by Paid Now and happy previous customer, Bayport Loans is one of the best lenders in South Africa.

This company is one of the few lenders with best Bayport loans interest rates and fast turn around on Bayport loan payment.

Most importantly, besides from being a preferred lender of usual, the look application process is all online oriented.

Since opening its doors in 2004 as a lender, this entity has been providing personal loans and unsecured loan.

We will take an in depth tour in this reading to discuss Bayport loans reviews and why we recommend this lender to loan seekers.

Most importantly we want to look at Bayport loans for blacklisted because there are lot of blacklisted people in SA

Bayport Loans

Here is why people love this lender and why we recommend this lender for loan seekers.

Because this lender has made it easy for busy people, anyone can apply easily online.

This mean that applicants do not need to leave work and go apply for loan at Bayport loans branches.

All qualifying candidates can simply access unsecured loans and personal loans of up to R200K.

Because all their loans application process can be done online, loan seekers can also upload document online.

Bayport Loans for Blacklisted

Bayport loans for blacklisted, can loan seekers with bad credit score apply for this type of loans?

Here is what comes from Panda Finance

Besides, remember that, this lender is compliant with National Credit Regulator.

Which means, they most importantly support responsible lending.

For any Bayport loans for blacklisted loan seekers may want to visit one of Bayport loans branches or contact them.

Bayport Loans Requirements

– Below is what will be required from the loan applicant during this process.

  • A valid copy of Smart ID with both side on paper is important.
  • Customers must have recent (3)three months bank statement.
  • Loan seekers must also be working and must have a copy of payslip

my Bayport Account

To apply for unsecured loans with this company and personal loans online.

Simply visit their website on the following web address bayportsa.comto create the my Bayport Account.

Once customer has created the my Bayport account, an activation email notification will be sent to the email address used.

Bayport loans client can perform the following function on the myBayport Account.

  • Easiy access their Bayport loan statement online.
  • Bayport loan payment can also be done through this portal.
  • View their bayport loans interest rates on their loan amount.

Bayport Loans Contact Details

For most up to date information on this lender and to apply for unsecured loan please visit their website on

Loan seekers will find on this website Bayport loans contact details and loan application form.

Below Paid Now has the Bayport loans contact number for our readers convenience.

087 287 4000

Bayport Loans Calculator

Izwe Loans Calculator

Bayport loans calculator is an online handy tool to assist customers do instant loan calculations.

The Bayport loans calculator will do amongst other things, perform instant Bayport loans reviews and loan amount repayments.

Bayport loans calculator will provide a loans break down on all amounts including selected Bayport loans interest rates.

Most important this Bayport loans calculator provide guide loan seekers to select suitable loan amounts according to afford-ability.

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