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Does BFS Do Credit Check? – Updated August 2022

As we might be aware that, if you have bad credit, it mostly very difficult to get a personal loan with reputable lenders.
In this post, we want to discuss BFS loans for blacklisted, can people with poor credit get approved for a loan with them?

Table of Contents

What is a BFS loan?
BFS Loans for Blacklisted
What Are The Requirements For BFS Loans?

Barko Financial Services (BFS)

In South Africa, BFS Loans is a microfinance company, in 1996, BFS loans were uncovered.

Their goal is to provide those who were formerly employees with a fair and creative credit solution.

People who do not earn enough money can also apply for BFS loans to help them meet their financial obligations.

Individuals, salaried workers, and small-business owners can borrow money from BFS for a limited period of time.

Barko Loans has taken over the BFS Loans brand, the repayment period for their loans is 30 days.

BFS gathers and manages data in a way that makes its users feel safe.

BFS Loans for Blacklisted

Are you currently looking for BFS Loans for Blacklisted? You have a bad credit and not sure if they can help?

BFS loans, like those from most other lenders, have specific requirements that must be completed before a loan may be authorized.

BFS loan applicants should normally have a high credit score and be able to demonstrate their ability to pay back the loan within the agreed-upon time term.

These two factors also influence the amount of money you will receive.

The BFS loans, on the other hand, have no onerous repayment or administration obligations.

Indeed, this plan has the most flexible repayment options and the lowest interest rates in South Africa.

Because BFS loans are short-term, personalized loans, you have up to 30 days to repay the loan in full or according to the loan conditions and circumstances.

BFS loans for blacklisted people with bad credit are NOT available.

What Are The Requirements For BFS Loans?

Before you can acquire a loan from any financial institution, you must satisfy certain standards.

  • Provide your residential address
  • Your recent payslip.
  • An original ID book or passport.
  • Provide your bank statement of account (recent 3 months)
  • Permanent employment for at least 6 months.

Barko Loan Amounts

Each financial institution has a minimum and maximum loan amount.

Before accepting the loan, be sure that the amount they are offering will meet your necessities.

However, Barko offers an R400 minimum loan and an R3,000 maximum credit.

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