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When is Black Friday in 2022?

We are currently in August with few days left toward Black Friday, everyone has it all planned on their minds.

Black Friday specials for this year will be on Friday, 26 November 2022.

Below is a list of stores that will most probably have Black Friday specials in South Africa.

Planning for Black Friday

Given the strange and unpredictable nature of 2021, it’s critical to plan for Black Friday.

This time of year is already stressful for shoppers, and it’s likely to get considerably worse this year.

Budgeting will be critical in 2022, as some customers may be struggling with unemployment or the fallout from being side-lined earlier in the year.

Some people may even be ready for it to happen again.

Make a list of the things you need, such as presents and other purchases you’ve been saving for.

Also, make sure to allocate enough for last-minute presents and any other expenses.

Calculate the exact most amount you can afford to go over once you’ve put this list together and be sure to stick to it.

Check Black Friday Specials Price

This process may appear to be pointless; after all, if Black Friday has amazing bargains, why check at pricing now?

But the fact is that if you check price for the things on your list now, you’ll have more trust in the Black Friday deals.

Online Shopping Is the Best Option

Normally, we’d advise you to consider your in-store vs. online buying alternatives.

This year, however, we predict an even stronger push for online Black Friday shopping than previous years.

In 2022, we don’t anticipate many in-store-only door-busters, if any at all.

But be warned that internet buying might come with a few disadvantages.

Short-term bargains that sell out quickly, a lack of stock transparency, and website crashes should all be avoided.

Aside from that, pricing comparisons are a necessary.

However, we expect many merchants to account for the increasing traffic with so many previously scheduled for an extended Black Friday season and more consumers for online shopping.

Be Ready to Wait

Maybe this year you won’t be on a real line, but if you choose a shop pickup option, be ready to wait.

In these circumstances, if you can, prefer to drive up; you may at least wait in your car’s comfort.

If you must wait, keep in mind the regulations that the shop has in place, like wearing a mask and at least 6 meters away from others in public.

Otherwise, you will make Cyril Ramaphosa to take us to lock-down level 5.

Beware of Final Sale Items

Many deals on Black Friday claim to give seasonal lower pricing.

Before you hurry to buy anything, verify if it’s a “final sale.”

Products having this classification might usher in a restocking fee of at least 20% if they are returned.

Before you add this new TV to your cart, familiarize yourself with shop policy.

Avoid Impulse Purchases

This could be simpler if you shop online solely, because when waiting for the cashier to scan your purchases, you won’t have the products right in front of you.

It’s easy to feel that a couple additional products won’t matter when you save a lot of money on your shopping day.

Such mindset is going to wreck your finances on Black Friday!

Avoid any so-called “freebies,” which you did not want to spend with minimal criteria.

Keep Yourself Organized

Popular Black Friday specials include mail-in rebates and shop credits.

Retailers love these kinds of discounts because they can promote steep reductions while still making a profit on the full price of the item. It’s a win-win situation.

For individuals who aren’t well-organized, redeeming those incentives might be difficult.

Receipts and rebate forms should be kept in a distinct envelope or part of your wallet.

Create a folder or unique label for all your outstanding orders if you only purchase online.

Then, build a table later that day with all the specifics for each promotion, including the product, shop, dates, and everything else you could need to save on.

Keep Best Behavior – We Know Your Excited

Please be kind to sales staff.

Certain people from the retail sector can certainly earn overtime on Black Friday by working on holiday benefits.

However, you must confront long queues, irritable clients and perhaps colleagues who do not want to be there.

Even if more people are shopping online this year, at some point they will still have to confront those hurdles.

You will not be able to influence the people around you, but on another difficult day you may certainly be a bright light.

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