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How to Pay DStv Online in June 2022

Lovers of DStv can pay for DStv online through their internet banking accounts of all types, including but not limited to ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank and Capitec Bank

Sign into your DStv account and look at the balance on the dashboard to see how much you owe.

Below is a simple step by step DStv payment Capitec process to pay your subscription at the comfort of your own home.

Pay Dstv Online Using Capitec

  1. Open your Capitec Bank app
  2. Click “Transact”
  3. Click “Payments”
  4. Sign in with your secret Remote PIN
  5. Click on the hamburger menu icon in the top right hand corner
  6. Select “Capitec-registered” beneficiary
  7. Search for “DStv” or “Multichoice”
  8. Choose the correct amount – either Box Office DStv or Multichoice DStv
  9. Enter your DStv account number
  10. Enter the amount you want to pay
  11. Click Yes to confirm you want to pay the amount shown
  12. Enter your secret remote pin to confirm.

In this article however, we want to take a brief look at the advantages of why you should pay your bills online.

Too much has changed since then, and I now pay my bills online, which is fantastic.

This is only one of the many benefits of using electronic bill paying.

What Is Electronic Bill Pay and How Does It Work?

Bill pay that is done electronically, or digitally, has been available for a long time.

It isn’t a brand-new service provided by banks, banks have provided it in various forms over the years.

The offerings of many banks were limited, nowadays we can even pay DStv online.

Some banks used to tax you by using electronic bill payment; things have changed a lot since then.

Most banks and credit unions now sell it to help you arrange your bills and settle them on time.

One of the most significant benefits of electronic bill paying is the avoidance of late fees.

For a bit, you could pay your bills online via the store, but you had to remember to go to each bill individually to pay it.

To pay for your phone, lease, and ride, you’d have to go to a separate website.

What’s the best way to get my bills paid electronically?

Electronic bill payment is, for the most part, straightforward, first, ensure that the bank accepts electronic bill payment.

If you’re shopping for a new bank, make sure the one you want allows you to pay your bills online, a bank that allow you to do simple things like to pay DStv online.

On their website, they should provide a kind of bill payment program, but you must first set it up.

Now, here are the advantages of paying bills online same as what you would do on how to pay DStv online.

I’ts Convenient

Electronic bill transfers have the added benefit of making your life easier, we could just use a bit more of that these days.

Electronic bill payment improves your life in a variety of ways, it allows you to pay all of your bills from a single venue.

Another advantage of electronic bill paying is the ability to plan the purchases.

Only make sure you don’t want a date after the bill is due; if you do, you risk incurring late fees.

You won’t have to think about forgetting to pay your bills if you schedule them to be charged.

Make sure you have enough money in your account to cover the payments you intend to pay if you set up the bill to be charged automatically.

If you don’t have the funds in the account, your bank will charge you fees, as well as the biller will charge you late fees.

You don’t want that to happen, which is why you can still save some money.

The easiest way to do so is to open a savings account so that you can pay DStv online.

We have some recommendations for you; take a look at them and see which one is best for you.

It is Safe

Additional encryption is another benefit of electronic bill payments .

You have no idea where the check would end up if you pay a bill with a check and mail it.

Someone also would not be entitled to cash the check until it was discovered by someone else.

Many hackers and unscrupulous individuals are looking for an opportunity to steal money.

Nothing is completely secure, but banks have the best safeguards in place to protect your money and transactions.

They use the best encryption available, with several layers of protocols in order to keep all of your and their customers’ information secure.

Multi-factor authentication is one of the layers that a bank uses to keep the details secure.

This is a method in which you receive a passcode via text or email to a previously validated address, which you then enter into the website before proceeding.

Special usernames and passwords are another way for a bank to keep the details secure.

To discourage outsiders from breaking into their scheme, they establish many layers of encryption.

When the data is exchanged electronically, banks encrypt it so that it is hidden or scrambled, wether you want to pay DStv online or do transactions.

If you are off for an extended period of time on a bank’s website, it will immediately log you off.

Environmentally Friendly

Can you recall how much you enjoyed receiving mail when you were a kid?

Can you recall when things started to change?

It was during this time when we began receiving bills.

We had stopped liking mail sent to my name, and there was paper all over the place.

We had envelopes full of statements We didn’t want to hear.

We just wanted to see how high the bill was and what we had to pay it.

It appears that spam mail is now being delivered with the intent of appearing to be legitimate mail.

I want to get as many statements and bills as I can online, but there is still a piece of mail that finds its way to me.

In conclusion to how you can pay DStv online, times have changed, you can simply reduce queues at Shoprite and pick n pay by simply paying for your DStv online.

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