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How to Reverse eWallet Namibia in November 2021

How to reverse eWallet Namibia what happens if i send money to an incorrect cellphone number? – please contact the FNB Namibia call centre on 061299 2222.

When demanding a reverse eWallet Namibia, keep in mind that there might be a charge.

What is the maximum balance of the Namibia eWallet?

The maximum balance is N$2,000.

What is the maximum amount that an FNB customer can send to an eWallet?

It is dependent on the channel from which you are sending.

Please see below for the maximum send limit by channel

  • Online Banking: N$2,000
  • Cellphone Banking: N$2,000
  • FNB Banking App: N$2,000
  • FNB ATM: N$2,000

Please note that these restrictions can be decreased if the system detects the transaction as potentially fraudulent.

How Does Namibia eWallet Work

The receiver can dial *140*392# and choose option 1 for ‘Withdraw Cash’, then option 1 for ‘Namibia FNB ATM.’

A temporary ATM PIN will be sent to the recipient via SMS.

They must press Proceed or Enter at the FNB ATM before selecting eWallet services.

They must enter their cell phone number as well as the temporary ATM PIN sent to them via SMS, as well as the amount of cash they wish to withdraw.

Can I send Namibia eWallet if I’m not and FNB Customer?

The system examines the transaction to see whether it is actually fraudulent, and if it is, the Send Money transaction is blocked or the transaction’s limits are decreased.

If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate FNB call center.

If you would like to apply for FNB Temporary loan or you’re looking for FNB Branch code, feel free to browse through.

We have covered the most important question, How to reverse eWallet Namibia? simply dial