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Letsatsi Loans for Blacklisted – Updated August 2022

Will I still be eligible if I need to apply for Letsatsi loans for blacklisted and have terrible credit?

On the Letsatsi Finance website, under frequently asked questions, it is expressly stated that you can apply for their personal loans even if you are subject to court orders, and their helpful experts will carry out the appropriate credit checks and determine your affordability.

Therefore, you can still try to apply if you’re seeking for Letsatsi loans for banned borrowers.

The issue with getting placed on a blacklist in South Africa is this.

They will put you on a blacklist if you ever open an account with them, accept credit from them, or get a shop card and don’t pay it back.

and now…

The issue there is that you might have made a mistake since you were experiencing financial hardships at the time.

You eventually land a job, pay off your debts, but some creditors have already blacklisted you, so you are no longer eligible to apply for personal loans, home loans, or car financing.

This is where you can now find lenders who can help folks looking for loans who are banned.

They are aware that although you may have been put on a blacklist in the past, you are still able to pay for the items you need right now.

As a result, you discover that you can still apply for Letsatsi loans for blacklisted even if you have negative credit.

Choosing Letsatsi Finance

The quick and easy process described below can be used by Letsatsi to assist you in getting a loan:

Simple Approval

What you need to get approved:

Proof of ID
3 months bank statement
3 months payslips

Fast Cash

Did you know that you loan approval can be processed with an hours time.

Fast Payout

Put money in your pocket that very day!

You receive a payment into your bank account.

once all payment information has been recorded and the contract has been signed.

Fast Payout

Letsatsi Loan Services

1 Month Loans

The simple answer to aid with unforeseen costs like those associated with medical emergencies, special occasions, and more.

repaid in whole over one installment on your following pay day.

Short-term Loans

A one-month loan is the best option if you urgently need a modest or medium amount of money.

Our short-term loan solutions range in amount from R500 to R7 000 and have a 2 to 6 month repayment schedule.

Long Term Loans

Organizing your ideal wedding, adding on to your house, or going back to school.

We provide three long-term repayment alternatives to help you achieve your objectives and goals, no matter the loan’s intended use.

Our long-term loan options start at R1000, and you can select from a number of repayment terms.

Letsatsi Debt Consolidation Loans

Combine all of your minor debts into a single monthly payment.

Several smaller debts are repaid by taking out a debt consolidation loan.

This will help if you are having trouble managing all of your debt, are behind on your payments, and/or have been reported to a credit bureau.

Letsatsi Contact

For more information on Letsatsi loans for blacklisted and their products, we advice you to please just rely on the information from the website

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