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What are the benefits of TymeBank?

TymeBank Send Money As Of November 2021.

Tyme Bank Limited is a bank and financial services company, South Africa’s first digital bank, TymeBank, was established in 2012.

We are motivated by the belief that increasing economic participation would help us realize our country’s human potential.

Via clear and straightforward banking propositions, Tymebank empowers customers and small businesses to conquer these obstacles.

TymeBank has a personal account, a GoalSaveaccount, and a MoneyTransferwallet on the sector.

TymeBank’s transactional account is far less expensive than the second most economical bank in South Africa.

TymeBank’s distribution presence exceeded that of all South African banking incumbents on day one, thanks to its strong relationship with the Pick n Pay community.

TymeBank has a strong and growing customer acquisition pace.

How can I give money to someone who isn’t a TymeBank customer?

If you’re sending money to anyone that doesn’t have a TymeBank account, they’ll get an SMS with the voucher number after you’ve completed the transaction.

They will then use this number to get their money from any Pick n Pay or Boxer place.

How do I send money with Tyme bank?

How Do I Use TymeBank to Send Money?

Use the below Tyme bank send money number to help friends and family when they urgently need loans or financial assistance.

  • From your smartphone, simply dial *120*543#
  • Follow easy step-by-step institutions
  • Enter your recipient cell phone number.
  • Insert the amount you want to send.
  • Confirm transaction and that is it, done.

If you on the internet, instead of using the Tyme bank send money number, below are the easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions on how to send money with online.

  • Login to your TymeBank account with username and password.
  • Click on Tymebank send money.
  • Enter your recipient cell phone number.
  • Ensure to double check the cell number your sending money to.
  • Confirm transaction.
  • Your recipient will receive 10-digit voucher pin via their mobile phone number.

It is of outmost importance to note that money must be withdrawn within 7 days of transaction commencement.

Let us dive in some of the Frequently asked questions when it comes to Tyme Bank send money number.

What is the maximum amount of SendMoney transactions I can send?

Per day, the overall cost of all value-added services (including power, airtime, and SendMoney) is R3000.

If you spent R100 on power, your remaining balance for the day will be R2900.

Can I exceed my available balance sending Money?

Nop, instead, you’ll see the following online confirmation message, “The number exceeds the account balance available”.

I entered the incorrect mobile number for SendMoney. What should I do?

When using the Tyme Bank send money number, please double-check that all details are right, especially the recipient’s cell number.

TymeBank will not move the funds to a new cellphone number If the person you send money to has changed their cellphone number or you entered the wrong number.

Payments made to an incorrect cellphone number or to the wrong party cannot be reversed, refunded, or corrected by TymeBank.

Can I cancel my SendMoney transaction?

No, it is not the case.

A SendMoney contract can’t be canceled or reversed.

If money is sent to an erroneous amount and not redeemed within 7 days, it will be immediately reverted into the account at midnight on the 7th day after the transaction.

Is it possible to use a single voucher to collect all of the vouchers that have been sent to me?

Each transaction is associated with a specific voucher and number.

For every given moment, you will only be allowed to redeem one voucher.

Is it possible to apply money to an already-sent voucher?

No, a voucher can’t be changed until it’s been submitted.

How will I make sure the voucher isn’t used by someone else?

If you’re talking to a teller at a PnP or Boxer Store, don’t give out your voucher number to someone else.

TymeBank send money code number conclusion.

Using the TymeBank send money number may be one of the most beneficial utilities available to us.

This service will be used to collect payment from prospective clients in addition to giving money to relatives and friends.

It’s important to understand how TymeBank send money number operates in order to send and receive money from families, family, and customers.

Tyme Bank Contact Details.

For more information about how Tyme Bank works, click here.

Another method of quickly send money to someone without a bank account is via FNB eWallet.