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Wanna Loan – payday loans same day from R500 up to R3 000, instant payday loans no paperwork in South Africa.

Based in Cape Town, Wanna loan operates nationwide because they provide payday loans online in South Africa.

The entity is part of Blackbird Group that is known as one of the leaders in the SA’s financial industry.

Let us discuss in this article with Paid Now, who is this lender and how they can help you.

Also in this article, we will discuss topic like wanna loan login and how customers can check their loan balance.

We will have full a explanation on who is this payday loans same day lender.

Wanna Loan

Wanna Loan was established with a sole purpose of helping people who can’t get through the month with their salaries.

Sometimes we run short but we really don’t want to commit to a short term loan or a long term personal loan.

Therefore, that’s where quick online payday loans same day comes in, but now, here is another important factor.

Because we have other things to juggle during the day, many people prefers payday loans online South Africa.

Before we discuss payday loan online, here is how this entity helps loans seekers.

Wanna Loan has a team of dedicated financial professionals working restless to make sure that they come through for everyone.

The lender is client focused and ensures that they provide an outstanding payday loans same day service.

Besides years of experience in the industry, what really makes them the best lender among-st the rest.

Well here is why loan seekers should choose Wanna loan

Wanna Loan offers a fully automated instant online payday loans in South Africa no paperwork.

This means that, customer’s can simply access this loans online without the need to fly to Cape Town.

The lender bridges the gap between the customer and their salary being unable to pay their bills.

Payday Loan Online

Payday loan online provides customers with sufficient amount of money to cover their financial emergencies.

Clients may use this payday loan online to pay for their children’s school fees, fix broken car or buy groceries.

Payday loan online are very small loans online which can only be used for emergencies and not huge financial arrangements.

Therefore, it is for this reason this loans are classified as payday loans same day approval, it is money paid daily.

The lender takes pride in providing fully automated payday loan online and also via calls with friendly customer services.

Payday Loans Same Day

Wanna Loan provides loan seekers with payday loans same day which can be applied for online and be payed same day.

Customers can apply from R500 up to R3 000, if loan seeker qualify, the can be payed same day.

Even though the lender’s services is full automated online, they constantly strive to champion the customer experience.

This lender is committed to responsible lending, they advice customers to borrow as much as they can afford.

Another good part about this payday loan same day lender is, they are National Credit Regulator compliant.

Here is how loan seekers can apply for this instant online payday loans in South Africa no paperwork.

Step 1:

Client can use their sliders to indicate how much money they would like to borrow and when is their next payday.

Step 2:

Customer can complete their application by providing them with required important personal information.

When your done with this payday loan online, sit back and relax while you wait for the application outcome.

Step 3:

When loan seeker’s online loan is approved, Wanna loan will complete their last verification checks.

if customer qualifies, their payday loan will be in their bank account with an our of the application

Wanna Loan Contact Details

To find wanna loan contact details and more recent updated information, please visit

Loan Calculator

Loan calculator is an online handy tool to assist customers do instant loan calculations.

The Loan calculator will do among-st other things, perform instant wanna loan reviews and loan amount repayments.

This Loan calculator will provide a loans break down on all amounts including selected wanna loan interest rates.

Most importantly, this Loan calculator provide guide loan seekers to select suitable loan amounts according to afford-ability.


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