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Woolworths Personal Loans in August 2022

Did you know that, we you are in need of cash, you can also resort to applying for Woolworths personal loans?

Woolworths Loans – Personal loan
Loan Category Personal loans
Loan Amount up to R75,000
Repayments Up to 60 Months

Woolworths offers a variety of financing options that you might find appealing.

Personal financial goods such as loans and investments fall under this category.

You must be working and earn at least R2000 per month, and you must have a South African bank account into which your pay is sent every month.

You must also give evidence of address and contact information.

A Woolworths credit card, a Woolworths shop card, or a personal loan can all be applied for.

Woolworths provides a revolving personal loan with flexible repayment terms that are easy to manage.

When you give back the money, the whole amount will rotate and you will be able to spend it again.

We offer a very minimal service fee, which we will increase after a few months of on-time payments.

They won’t charge you a penalty if you pay off your account early, and you may make payments if you have a little extra income to pay off the loan faster.

The interactive voice message technology makes it easy for you to get your money.

Woolworths Advantages

All of their personal ongoing loans come with simple payback terms that are set up using a debit order so you never miss a payment.

  • Flexible loan terms.
  • Flexibility to increase your limit.
  • Get cash in 48 hours.

Woolworths ensures that your loan will be reimbursed if you are laid off, suffer a catastrophic illness, become disabled, or die.

If you are laid off, they will reimburse your payments for up to 12 months.

If you need to make another payment, you can do so in any Woolworth’s shop or by depositing funds directly into our bank account.

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